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How Rapport Looks

What Services do we offer?

The Rapport Toolkit is offered either under a SAAS model, or as a bespoke service to organisations in a business to business (b2b) environment.

Rapport can be integrated at any level within an organisations existing IT ecosystem, both providing an API driven UI layer across the top of either legacy systems or a number of different business as usual systems, or as an independent data capture element complimenting other existing software and filling gaps where there is a need.


Help & Support

Shearwater provides support on a B2B model, to complement existing support structures. Depending on the organisations requirements, the level of support required can be tailored appropriately with full access to our Documentation sets, Product Wiki, and ability to raise incidents to our servicedesk.

Custom sandpit areas can be created to allow developer and business analyst familiarity with the product suite along with support from our development and products team as required.

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